The Y’s Men Song

Once more we stand, new zeal our hearts im-bu-ing;
We raise our hand, our service pledge re-new-ing.
Ne’er to de-ny – our – mot-to’s claim.
Y’s men in fact as well as name.
Al-ways our ob – jects to pur – sue
We con-se-crate our-selves a – new.

As now we sing, in com-rade-ship more bind-ing;
Our love we bring, re-ward in friend-ship find-ing.
To ev-‘ry Y’-s man far and near
we pledge de-vo – tion most sin – cere!
Glo-ry and pride Y’-s men to be,
Fill ev’ry heart with loy-al-ty!

Text by Judge Paul William. Alexander ca. 1925
Theme from ‘Finlandia’ by Sibelius
Played by Trygve Bröske 1997